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I saw some cat that charged less than you jerks. How come?

Whoa! No need to be hostile. We tried to make our rates as affordable as possible for the amount of time we take to provide a quality service. Maybe that cat wasn't getting a lot of business because he or she wasn't that qualified and/or wasn't getting a lot of repeat business or good word of mouth.

I saw some jerk that charged a lot more than you cats. How come?

Again with the jerk? Well, maybe that person has more experience and demand than we do and can ask for a premium fee. We're trying to get more clients so we're trying to keep our rates reasonable to build up a good reputation. We try to offer a range of services to fit different needs and budgets. Plus, we're just nice.

Why should I use your service and not some other cat's service?

The fact is if you see a script notes service run by a cat with a really impressive resume -a currently & regularly working screenwriter- or a big and well-know company, the odds are they're farming the notes out to other readers and taking their cut. All of our readers have years of professional writing and reading/coverage experience. Most importantly, we pay them well and it's someone we'd trust to give us notes on our own scripts. What kind of quality do you think you get from a reader getting paid near minimum wage?

ALL notes are read and checked by Thomas before they are sent out to assure they meet the quality standards that we demand. In the past, we've personally gotten awesome notes and terrible notes on our scripts from the same company because of the crap-shoot of companies farming out their work to underpaid readers. We don't think that should happen. Do you?

What if I give you my hard-earned cash and I'm not happy with your notes? Can I get a refund?

Well, it hasn't happened yet but if it does we'll make every reasonable effort to address your dissatisfaction. We can't refund your money since we already have spent the time to read your script and give you feedback. So there's really no way to return the time or the notes that you've already read. But again, we're nice dudes and we want you to be happy with us and use us in the future, recommend us, and so on. So, we'll go out of our way to try and make sure you're happy with our service. Cool?

I'm looking for someone to do some rewrites and/or polish on my project. Do you do that?

Absolutely. Send an e-mail with the details and we can work something out.

Is that really you with Diablo Cody and James Gunn? What are they like?

Yes. And they're really awesome, funny, charming and they smell nice.

You really like coffee, huh?

Free screenwriting tip: nothing gets done without the black gold!

I've got another question that isn't addressed here. What do I do?!

Calm down. Now, just click the contact link there on the left and e-mail me.