About Us

Thomas Cunningham: Thomas has been screenwriting for over 20 years and given notes to many established, successful professional feature screenwriters and TV showrunners. His scripts have placed in Bluecat and Austin Film Festival. He currently has two projects in development with producer James Bradley.

Patrick Guera

Patrick Guera: Patrick is Thomas' frequent writing partner as well as a working Producer, Director and Camera Operator. His understanding of storytelling and story structure and character development is top-notch. His visual sense and ability to fundamentally understand how a script will translate to screen is a valuable asset to the team.



Thomas and Patrick want Screenplayground to not only be the gold standard for script notes but to be a valuable resource for established and beginning screenwriters. The blog is just the start. We're planning on adding a podcast as well. So look for that soon!

It's also a universally accepted fact that we're pretty cool dudes. Just ask Diablo Cody or James Gunn or Tom Kapinos.

Tom and Diablo

Tom and James

Thomas and Tom Kapinos