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Tom and Pete

Thomas Cunningham: Thomas currently has two projects in development with producer James Allen Bradley: "Inertia", a feature length dark comedy and "Ava Jane", a TV series.

Peter Punckowski: Pete has had considerable interest in his work from Sony and "Wayne's World" director Penelope Spheeris. Pete's "Buy it Now", a feature script and an Entourage script placed in the finals of Blue Cat and Scriptapalooza screenplay competitions respectively. A prolific writer, Pete has written well over a dozen scripts -features, TV pilots and specs, and shorts.

In collaboration, Tom and Pete were hired to write a feature script, "The Savage Pilgrimage" for Jesse James Chisholm for Nepot Films. Their co-written feature script "Swiped" also placed in the quarter finals of the Blue Cat Screenplay competition. They've also collaborated on an original TV project, "Uncle Jimmy".

Patrick Guera

Patrick Guera: A working Director and Camera Operator as well as a writer, Patrick is the newest member of the screenplayground team. While his strength lies in directing, his understanding of storytelling and story structure and character development is top-notch. His visual sense and ability to fundamentally understand how a script will translate to screen is a valuable asset to the team.



It's also a universally accepted fact that we're pretty cool dudes. Just ask Diablo Cody or James Gunn.

Tom and Diablo

Tom and James